Susan Andrea Gallegos

Susan Gallegos

Susan Andrea Gallegos (aka Susan Rogers) died peacefully on June 25, 2024. She was preceded in death by her parents, John “Torchy” Hilliker and Ruth Hilliker, as well as her sister, Barbara, and her first son, Scott William Rogers.

She is survived by her daughter, Wendy Hilliker, and her friends, David Dillard and Eric Tishkoff, both of whom behaved like devoted second sons.

A kind and compassionate woman, Susan focused her energies on the vulnerable and disenfranchised. Most of her career was spent with the City of Bellevue, the highlight of which was her stint at the Highland Center. After retiring from the City, she completed her bachelor's degree in human services and spent another 7 years working for both Child and Adult Protective Services. She was equally committed to protecting animals at any cost; she had a menagerie throughout her life, but horses and cats were at the very top of her very long list. Susan was highly intelligent, possessed a keen wit, and was not afraid to artfully use a little blue language from time to time.

Susan moved to Yakima in 2009, after spending most of her life on the “wet side”. She loved the climate and truly felt at home here. Figuratively and literally, she breathed easier in Yakima.

One of Susan's favorite pastimes was going for long drives, always on the lookout for birds, especially those she could capture with her camera. Her photography acumen was considerable and she produced an impressive portfolio of birds and other animals.

Susan leaves behind a vast array of friends and former colleagues who will  miss her deeply. They include many lifelong friends, especially Alexa Bridges; her friends from Monroe, especially Barbara Orr; and her friends in Yakima, particularly Pat and Mo Moszeter. Her dear friend, Mary Lou Langren, preceded her in death in 1999. Her loving partner, Gordon Reynolds, died in 2017.

Susan, above all, said that raising her kids was the highlight of her life and considering all of her significant accomplishments, this is her most profound and enduring legacy.

I will love and miss you always, Mommy.